puTHE WIREviisuue245/July 2004)fڂ̃r[
uFive Psychedelic Pieces/UP-TIGHTv


Alongside LSD March, Doodles and Miminokoto, Up-Tight are in the vanguard of Japanfs post-PSF next wave, psychedelically informed avant gardists who combine a reverence for outer forms with a liberating approach to content. They eviscerate garage jams with improvised, atonal shots at heaven, while evacuating folk forms with silent punctuations and rhythms that confound mathematics.
Five Psychedelic Pieces is Up-Tightfs first domestic release and ties up a slew of their working strategies in fuzz and steel strings. The set conflates live and studio work, with only the pressure of the air to set them apart. gDo the poph is a Buttholes/Cromagnon stomp topped with u-bend probing acid guitar. gFalling in loveh is a beautiful, tender pop song thatfs pure Velvets but the highlight is another instalment from Up-Tightfs own ongoing gSister Rayh saga called gOh sisterh, which features a guitar sound thatfs pure machine gun

Reviewed by David Keenan.